Seven Pillars of Freedom

The Seven Pillars of Freedom course uses an online journal and the Pure Desire book. The Seven Pillars, written by Dr. Ted Roberts, is a great in-depth program for men who have already gone through the Conquer Series a number of times and want to keep striving forward in sexual integrity. The course is based on the workbook (currently no DVD) and addresses the following Seven Pillars:


• Pillar 1: Breaking through Denial

• Pillar 2: Understanding the Nature of Sexual Addiction

• Pillar 3: Surrendering to the Process

• Pillar 4: Limiting Damage

• Pillar 5: Establishing Sobriety

• Pillar 6: The Battle is in your Mind

• Pillar 7: A Spiritual Growth Plan

Each pillar is made up of four to five lessons, so the course is best run over a period of 35 weeks – 12 months for men to have enough time to apply the teachings to their lives.