The Restored Warrior is a Word based, Faith empowered curriculum for the Healing and Restoration from Unwanted Sexual Addiction.  By focusing on the Word of God first, allowing Him to Restore, Refocus and Heal our Hearts and by learning the processes of your Mind, you will be equipped to conquer Unwanted Sexual Addiction.

Unwanted Sexual Addiction is a deeply challenging issue affecting individuals across cultures, ages, and backgrounds. This comprehensive study delves into the intricacies of Unwanted Sexual Addiction, offering profound insights into its causes, Evidence-Based cures, and the transformative journey of Recovery guided by Faith.

This comprehensive teaching is a detailed guide for those seeking Understanding, Healing, and Recovery from Unwanted Sexual Addiction within the context of Faith and Science. It combines Biblical Teachings, Scientific Studies, Psychological Insights, Evidence-Based Practices, and Real-Life stories to offer a Biblical and Holistic perspective on this extremely complex issue.

This Fully Digital Curriculum, written by Daniel Glasco and a Host of Others includes:

  • Individual Study
  • Progress at your own pace
  • Daily monitoring of progress by a trained Leader
  • Daily scripture readings
  • Daily devotionals
  • Weekly video sermons from key pastors
  • Weekly motivational talks from Senior RW Members.
  • Weekly 1-hour group accountability Zoom call
  • Weekly check in’s with group leaders
  • Programmable vacation breaks
  • Plus everything in the Membership Package!
  • The curriculum will run 36 months (expandable to 60 months).
  • All for one extreamly low RW Membership rate.

All this, in the Brand New Curriculum, The Restored Warrior, Only from Restored Warriors!