Warpath – RWO 29


April 7
8:00 pm - 9:30 pm


Restored Warriors, Inc
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Host Dr Doug Weiss, acclaimed Christian sex-therapist, psychologist, and author has trained thousands of men how to break free from sexual bondage. The Conquer Series is boot-camp, which shows men how to find sobriety within 90-days. Warpath, the follow up to Conquer Series, equips men for battle so they can remain free for life.


  • How to become destiny conscious instead of disease driven.
  • Receive powerful tools to overcome childhood wounds & pain from the past.
  • Get the keys to understand your true identity.
  • Learn how to reverse the damage from unhealthy behaviors of your past.
  • Discover tips and strategies to reclaim your marriage and help her heal.
  • Walk through the steps for healthy disclosure to minimize collateral damage.


01  The DNA of a Warrior

In the Bible, God separates fighting men from civilians. In this new season, you’ve been drafted to war. It’s crucial that you grasp your identity. The warrior DNA is unique and it’s imperative for you to understand and unlock it. Dr. Weiss will gear you up for the battle with his powerful teaching on the hero DNA and will introduce you to the disciplines and principles that every warrior must follow. (25 min)

02  A Warrior’s Roadmap

Understanding your story in full is like having a roadmap that gives you direction and an overview of the battle that took place. In this episode, you will discover how trauma doesn’t just get stored in your brain, but in your body also. Dr. Weiss will help you write out your story and teach you practical ways to release unprocessed pain and anger so you can leave the burden of the past behind you once and for all – at the Cross. (18 min)

03  Reclaiming Eve

There were many casualties in this war. If you’re married, the one who suffered the most was, most likely, your wife. Many men will find themselves struggling to rebuild their wives’ trust. Dr. Weiss will introduce you to betrayal trauma, disclosure, and empathy 101 and help you understand how you can come alongside your wife and reclaim her wounded heart. (27 min)

04  The DNA of Destiny

If the enemy can seduce you, he can reduce you. Your spiritual authority is based on your sexual integrity. In this episode, Dr. Weiss will teach you how to reclaim your spiritual authority and help you move from being disease-conscious to becoming destiny-conscious. He will give you the keys to continue living an exposed life which is crucial to your warpath. (17 min)

05  A Royal Mandate

Do you understand that you’re a son of the Most High? The King of kings? This lesson lays out your royal mandate. You will learn to establish your duty of discipline, the importance of having a target and creating a dreamscape for your destiny. In this episode, Dr. Weiss will teach you to declare war and prepare you for the next level in your warpath where the journey will get more challenging, but rewarding.  (21 min)
We were created to be warriors, but we often fail to recognize the unprocessed wounds that continue to sabotage and impede our growth. Dr. Weiss will introduce you to the different types of abuse and neglect and show you how to identify and permanently heal from your invisible wounds. Your battle scars no longer have to be indelible insignia’s of shame, but symbols of victory: the place where Christ won the war on your worth. (25 min)

07  Decoding the Messages of Lies

This week, we’re going deeper. Once you identify your wounds, the next step is to uncover the lies that the enemy embedded in your battle scars. In this episode, you’ll learn to recognize the lies that continue to skew the narrative of your life. You’ll also learn powerful tools to dismantle those lies and replace them with God’s truth. (22 min)

08  Worthy was Won

By which standard do you measure your worth? In his episode, Dr. Weiss will show you the difference between self-esteem and God-esteem. You’ll be equipped to deal with those areas of your self-worth that have been tied to things other than Christ. The goal is to establish real, permanent worth – a worth that’s founded on Jesus. (18 min)

09  Sexual Healing

Your sexuality is an important part of your life, but because of the choices that were made in the past, many of us continue to have shame, guilt, and condemnation surrounding our sexuality. This week, you’ll learn powerful tools to clean up your sexual past; follow disciplines; and set up good boundaries so you can maintain a healthy sexual life that will create a future free of bondage. (20 min)
Dr. Weiss will introduce you to the arousal template to help you make better sense of your sex addiction story. You will discover a part of your brain that wired you for sexual brokenness: what dictated your sexual preferences, triggers, and the type of relationships that you pursued. You’ll be given tools to rewire your template for sexual wholeness. This lesson can be a real game changer for many men. (21 min)

11  The Voice Template

The voice template, aka the fantasy template, has been one of the driving forces behind your unwanted sexual struggles. It’s the seductive voice of lust that was embedded in your brain through repeated sexual exposure and experience. But in this lesson, you’ll learn how these fantasies can serve as a tool for self revelation. You’ll discover the connections between your sexual fantasies and your deepest unmet needs. (21 min)

12  Dismantling the Lies

Dr. Weiss will introduce you to the Meaning Template. You’ll discover how you attached meaning to the sexual experiences of your past and how those meanings perpetuated your addiction. This is a week of tearing down strongholds. You will learn how to create a new meaning template that is honoring, and pleasing to God, your wife, yourself and the women that you had been objectifying. (17 min)

13  Relapse Ready- Part 1

Any man can become subject to relapse but, in Warpath, you will learn proactive strategies that will prepare you for the battle. You’ll learn that relapse doesn’t need to happen, but it all comes down to preparation and proactivity. Find out how to prepare ahead but also the right course of action to take should you relapse. (17 min)

14  Relapse Ready- Part 2

God didn’t create us to be bystanders, but fighting men – ready for battle. This lesson will remind who you’re fighting for. Your wife was the greatest casualty in your battle. You can’t afford to hurt her again with a relapse. Learn how to safeguard your wife from a relapse but also how to handle her heart if you fall. This lesson has a Q&A section where real Warpath men pose their questions. (19 min)
Most men are at a loss when it comes to disclosure, but disclosure is a crucial part of restoring your marriage. This week, you will learn about what full disclosure is and is not. You will learn how to respond to your wife with compassion and empathy, and discover how you can guard her heart even while you’re seemingly breaking it with the facts. (21 min)

16  Day-to-Day Disclosure

By now, you have learned that disclosure is not a one-time event. There are several types of disclosures, including Day-to-Day Disclosure that keeps you in a place of living a continued exposed life. Learn how this type of disclosure encourages open dialogue between you and your wife and accelerates your emotional maturity and overall integrity. (24 min)

17  Factual Disclosure

This is a practical but comprehensive study on how to do first-time disclosure right. Unlike “full disclosure,” factual disclosure is measurable and adheres strictly to the facts. Learn the proper guidelines to avoid the pitfalls of disclosing too little or too much; the importance of having the right support and mediator; and how to prepare for “D-Day” – first time factual disclosure. (25 min)

18  Three Other Disclosures

Dr. Weiss will teach you three other important types of disclosure: Story Disclosure; Validating Amend Disclosure; and Family Disclosure. This is a very practical and insightful lesson that answers many questions surrounding disclosure, mainly: Who should know; what to share; how and when to tell them. This episode could greatly help you avoid further damage that may take years to repair. (25 min)

19  D-Day Ready

Let’s get practical. In this lesson, Dr. Weiss will walk you through first-time factual disclosure by role-playing a typical disclosure scenario. Furthermore, you will learn the four common ways of confrontation and how to help reestablish safety for your wife. This lesson includes a Q&A section where real Warpath men pose their raw questions to Dr. Weiss. (24 min)

Module 5 : Rebuilding Ground Zero

20  Rebuilding Ground Zero

Learn how to rebuild the ground zero of your marriage – one structure at a time. In this lesson, you’ll gain a better understanding of your new reality and learn to empathize with your “Princess Warrior,” the new role your wife acquired when you dropped your sword. Regardless of what was lost in the fire of betrayal, you will discover that you can move towards an authentic and better marriage than you did before. (24 min)

21  Authentic Marriage

In this lesson, Dr. Weiss lays out the blueprint for an authentic marriage. You’ll discover the power of vulnerability and humility; learn about the three types of recoveries that are key to rebuilding your marriage; and that “happily even after” is possible. (21 min)

22  Winning at Empathy

This week you will be reminded that hiding and medicating secrets will only stunt your growth. You will learn the steps to become a better listener; how to allow yourself to feel your feelings instead of just speaking them; and how to become your wife’s number one source for empathy. Dr. Weiss will also introduce you to a few irrefutable principles that will help develop the fruits of the Spirit in your life. (20 min)

23  Three Types of Empathy

In this lesson, you’ll discover various types of empathy. You will gain emotional literacy; learn to identify the needs of your wife; and intentionally minister to her needs. This lesson will accelerate your emotional growth by teaching you how to understand and validate your wife’s feelings. You’ll learn how to move from a “Me” to a “We” kind of marriage that God has always intended for you. (23 min)

24  Emotional Fitness

When you’re emotionally fit you can walk in the Spirit; you can manage your emotions and not be controlled by them. In this lesson, Dr. Weiss will introduce you to the “Emotional Grid” which will lay out the disciplines and principles you need to develop emotional resilience. This lesson takes a holistic approach to help you become the warrior husband – the “risen knight” – your wife has been praying for. (22 min)

Module 6 : Declaration of War

25  Declaring War for Your Marriage

In this episode, Dr. Doug Weiss will give you his tried and true principles to restore your marriage. We will blast through intimacy roadblocks, rekindle a dying flame, and learn how to declare war for your marriage by making a small attitude adjustment. (19 min)

26  War for Your Bedroom

Regardless of what your past is, your sexual relationship with your wife can be healed. In this episode, Dr. Weiss will give you powerful tips for better sex; help you discover yours and your wife’s sexual expressions, and introduce you to a new tool: the “sexual agreement”. (20 min)

27  War for Your Children

Let’s face it, our children were impacted by our choices and behaviors. We now have everything in our arsenal to make it right and heal our children’s hearts. In this episode, you will learn to declare war for your children: learn to secure their perimeter; disciple them; talk to them about sex, and unlock the power of praise. (19 min)

28  My Brothers’ Keeper

Free men free other men. Once you’ve tasted freedom from sexual sin, you’ve officially become a threat to Hell – and a target. In this exciting episode, you will learn how to declare war for your brothers and for your church. Learn how to provide hope and healing to your church and set others free. (16 min)

29  Pick a Nation

Time to expand your territory. As important as it was to identify the areas that needed to be reclaimed, it’s equally important to identify new territories you must claim. In this episode, Dr. Weiss will teach you how to identify the ministry God has over your life and how to accelerate your warpath – your journey towards total transformation in Christ. (17 min)


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