Your Elf on the Shelf…

Yesterday, my Grandkids had a colorful character come to stay with them.  His name, Buddy!  Buddy was sent from the North Pole to deliver a message from Santa Clause and to keep an eye on them, for naughty and nice reasons, and to report back to Santa of his findings.

So yesterday when they returned home from school, Buddy had made his arrival.  Suitcase in hand, he delivered a message.  The letter from Santa explained how that he is not the true meaning of Christmas and that it was the birth of Jesus that is the true meaning and reason to celebrate.  That Jesus was the true gift from God to us.  The letter also explained how that Buddy is not a toy, he is to observe and report back to Santa if Fletcher & Maggie Rae were being naught or nice.

Now, if you or your children have had similar experiences, you also know that the elf can be quite mischievous when not being watched.  For instance, last night while they slept, Buddy decided to stray into Fletcher’s room to see if he was being good.  In the process, tripped over some toys and woke up the Avengers and there was a struggle, a big one!  After Buddy made his escape, he was found this morning barely hanging on for dear life from the dining room light.  Isn’t it just like an elf to get into a situation like that?

Well, this morning, Buddy had left Fletcher & Maggie Rae a note.  Explaining what all had happened and why he was hanging from the light.  Further explaining that if Fletcher’s room had been cleaned up and toys not being everywhere, Buddy wouldn’t have tripped and woken up the Avengers, hence causing this problem.  So, instructions were to clean the room or he would have to report to Santa his findings.  Before leaving for school, my Daughter heard him in his room cleaning as fast as he could so Buddy wouldn’t report badly on him.

Isn’t it just like us?  We need an Elf on our Shelf to keep us in daily check with God.  Someone to look over our shoulder to keep us going and doing exactly what we are supposed to be doing.  Someone who will say, “now you need to clean this mess up, or I’m gonna report back badly on you”.  Well, we do kinda have that in the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit is that part in us that quickens when we have done bad and we feel good when we are doing right.  It’s the Holy Spirit that points out to us when we shouldn’t be watching things or looking at things when we are.

A few differences from the Elf and the Holy Spirit.

  1. The Holy Spirit will never leave us, but the Elf returns the day after Christmas to the North Pole, only to return again on December 1st.
  2. Where you can’t touch the Elf, well we can’t touch the Holy Spirit, but we can sure know when the Holy Spirit is touching us.
  3. The Holy Spirit also prompts us when we have been naughty and need to clean things up to get back in right standing with God.
  4. The Holy Spirit points us towards Forgiveness, Grace, Mercy and Love that can never be achieved or received because of any work we do, but only in the true belief in The Holy Trinity.
  5. The Holy Spirit doesn’t report to Santa, He reports to one much bigger, God, the Giver of ALL good gifts. However, He doesn’t have to report back, because He is one in the same.
  6. The Elf reports back so we get gifts from Santa, the Holy Spirit keeps us in check so we can have the ultimate gift, Eternal Life, a gift that can never be taken back or away.

So, take your Elf off the Shelf and let it help you walk in the fullness of God’s victory and restoration that is yours today!

The Elf on the Shelf is a product of The Lumistella Company and is in not affiliated with Restored Warriors.

November Newsletter

Well I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving with family and friends!  I did take some of the day off to be with family, but I did spend a considerable amount of time doing more web updates.


I am very proud to say that, the main website is 99% complete!  Main Website
The new Members Portal portion of our website, will launch on December 1, 2021!  Members Portal
The Restored Warriors University will launch January 1, 2022!  Restored Warriors University
For those who like to bookmark the Daily Check In page, here is the link:  Daily Check In

Why all the changes?  Good question!  Let me see if I can explain.  When Restored Warriors began, I built the website on a mom & pop style server & program.  With the growth of Restored Warriors, that website continued to become obsolete and began to fail in many areas.  So, to better serve you and future members, we upgraded the website and servers.  Why all the different portions of the website?  Should we ever need to expand the website in the future, by having material in an organized manner, this will allow the change to that one portion while everything else runs as normal.  Why the new look?  The former website was a little offensive to those who didn’t know what Restored Warriors was or what we do.  So, we made it a little more… Friendly.  I will be speaking at several conferences around the nation in 2022.  We need a website that is inviting to all.  Plus with the drive for growth, we needed the additional servers to guarantee that they wouldn’t get bogged down or worse yet, crash.  I hope that answers some of the questions that have been floating around.  You can always call me and I will gladly share more.

WARRIOR LINE!!  888-697-9411

What is it?  Well, along with our website it is to give people one place to get information about Restored Warriors.  However, it is also designed for those who need to talk during a critical moment.  We have had in place for 1 year the Warrior Line.  It is now LIVE!!  How does it work?  BEFORE you act out.  Simply call 888-697-9411  You will be prompted to select Option 1 for the Warrior Line.  There you will be instantly connected to one of your Restored Warriors Brothers who is ready to help you overcome the temptation and pray with you.

Have you signed up to take calls on the Warrior Line?  We are all called as Brothers to be there for each other during critical times.  You will ONLY be taking calls for your Brothers in need, not general RW information.  Why are you not taking calls?  For those who have signed up, Thank You!  For those who have not, please follow this link to sign up:   Restored Warriors Phone Line Sign Up

Well there is your update.  Hope you have a great day!